About Me


Hello world!

It’s only fitting to formally introduce myself and let you know a little bit about my life!

I received my Canon Rebel T3 for my 15th birthday, and became drawn to the idea of capturing life in a single photo. A few years later I decided to pursue photography as a career, and I am now going to school to do just that! I like to consider my photography to be very diverse, but I can almost guarantee that you will almost always see pictures of flowers and leaves (but really lol).

When I’m not in school, I’m also pursuing a career as a dancer. I’m currently dancing with two different professional dance companies. This art was my first love, and it always will be. It’s the only thing that can allow me to feel completely vulnerable and powerful at the same time.

I’m a sucker for the little things.

Coffee brings me to life.

I’m almost always listening to music on Spotify.

Procrastination will eventually win me over.

Food is very important to me… Especially Acai Bowls.

People are great.

Anyways, I decided to start this blog to share my photos with the world. I want others to see what I see when I look through the lens. I hope you enjoy my photos and the words that come with them!

Thanks for stopping by!

– Emily