What’s A Dream Without Courage?


Recently I’ve been struggling with figuring out who I am. And I know that everyone has those moments when the idea of becoming somebody is quite prevalent in their minds. My mom once told me that you are who you hang out with. Once you start spending time with someone for so long, their interests become similar to yours. Sooner or later you begin to acquire the same emotions and attributes that the person carries with them. I’ve seen it happen not only in other people’s lives, but mine also. I was very unaware of the effect certain people were having on me. Whether it’s a positive or negative thing, sometimes that’s not you at all. I have plenty of friends who bring out the best in me and I bring out the best in them, only because we are so alike before we had even met.

Before I knew it, I had lost sight of me. And these past two years I’ve been finding myself again. Except this time, I’m much more mature, wise, and confident than I was before. I do not have all of the knowledge in the world, but I’ve grown up from my experiences. I’ve become happier only because I’ve developed a sense of self-love. People always say you must love yourself before you are loved in return.

I have a new feeling of anticipation when I think about my future, but I’ve also learned how to live in the moment. There is not a minute of my day that I want to go to waste. By waste, I don’t mean sitting and doing nothing, because sometimes that’s what we need. No, I’m talking about how often we can ignore what’s happening right before our eyes and instead, think about what we will do doing this evening or something unimportant. Of course it’s important to plan for your future but sometimes you just need to stop and take a look around you. There is so much to enjoy in the moment. Whether it’s the coffee you’re drinking or the sky you see through your windshield while driving. Try to look for something that stands out to you.

My future intrigues me very much. I have dreams, goals, priorities, and wishes. But those will only be put into play if I make it happen. During my stroll around Old Towne Orange this past Saturday, I noticed this sticker on somebody’s car. It made me stop and think that this is actually true. We don’t get what we want with the snap of our fingers. Good things come with time and determination. Sometimes that can be a hard concept to grasp because in today’s society, everything is just given to us…but that is a whole new topic.

When it comes to finding myself, I know that I have a long way to go. But I know that in the long run, I will actually become the person I was made to be. Anyone can be the person they are supposed to be. Just hold your ground with your beliefs and keep a firm grip onto the things that make you a better person. Don’t ever forget the things you were taught. Be selfless. Bless and be blessed in return. These are the things I tell myself every single day. I hope you have found yourself through the possible storms. If you are like me, keep perusing genuine happiness. I promise, its pure bliss.