It’s been almost a month into 2015, and I have failed to post anything since New Year’s Eve. When I realize I haven’t posted anything, I always tell myself I haven’t had time and that I’ve been busy. But that is a big lie because I’ve been having an abundance of free time in the afternoon these past few months. I struggle with trying to come up with something to write about when I post my pictures. I am far from being a writer, and I never know how to put my thoughts into words. I feel like I am pressured to write with a big vocabulary and deep thoughts, but that’s not me. I’m a very insightful person, but I question whether I should write the things I am thinking.


Will they be interesting?

Will it inspire someone?

Does it even make sense?


I’m starting to learn more and more about myself every single day. I’ve become more outspoken with my opinions, but in a respectful way. I appreciate all kinds of opinions because I am able to take the knowledge of others and see things the way they do. I don’t have to agree with them, but I can learn to love that everyone thinks differently. What kind of world would we live in if we all had the same mind? There would be no variety to our lives. Sometimes I just wish people would appreciate others opinions like we should, and not argue against them or put them down. There is a fine line between sharing your opinion also, and putting another individuals’ opinions down.


I’ve also learned how to bite my tongue. It’s been something I struggled with for a while, and I’ve learned through experience how beneficial it can be for future results. I’m not perfect, so I may say something without thinking, but it’s something I work on every day. My mom tells me that it’s not always what you say, but the way you say it. People can be very sensitive to things just by the way you say it. Sometimes you may say something with the best intentions, but It can come off wrong just by the tone of your voice. Always think before you say something, but don’t ever be afraid to stand up for something you believe in or someone you love.


On another note, this photo was taken at LACMA in Los Angeles. A few weeks before winter break was over, my dad took my best friend and I into LA to do some exploring. I had always wanted to go to LACMA because I’ve seen so many beautiful pictures taken there. It was a really cool experience just to see the variety of art at this museum. I will definitely be making a trip back there in the near future.


Regardless of how many times I post or don’t post, I love this blog and I love interacting with so many different people. I can’t wait to see how this will blossom in the future! Talk to you all soon 🙂