‘Tis The Season

Ballerina and Christmas Lights

My excitement is at an all time high right now. Let me set the scene for you. Its 6:30am and my alarm is going off. Except this time, I don’t hit the snooze button. I’m lying in my toasty warm bed all snuggled up with pillows and blankets listening to the beautiful melody of Christmas music accompanied by the faint pitter patter of rain outside my window. That my friends, is happiness in a sentence. I wanted nothing more but to stay there all day long. But of course, I had places to go and people to see. So I proceeded to get up and get ready for the day without complaint.

Since I live in sunny Southern California, we aren’t used to waking up with rain pouring down outside of our homes. That’s alright though, because it would be weird if it was normal for us right? Then what would be the point of saying “Sunny Southern California?”

Anyways, IT’S DECEMBER FIRST!!! It’s officially Christmas time and I am filled with Christmas spirit! This time of year comes with plenty of things on everyone’s calendars. From Christmas present shopping, Christmas light looking, and making time for all your loved ones, we often forget to stop and take a deep breath and enjoy the holiday for what it is. Whether you believe that it represents the birth of Jesus Christ or not, that is all up to you! I feel as though Christmas has become more of a cultural thing now a days… But that’s okay because it makes most people happy, and I love when people are happy. Christmas brings people together, and it’s a beautiful thing when you are able to surround yourself with people you love.

This is a fairly short post because I am procrastinating on some homework that is due tomorrow…. Yikes!! I should probably get to that. I encourage you all to turn on some Christmas music and get into the Christmas spirit! Brew some coffee, grab your blankets, and turn on some Christmas movies! No matter what kind of day you have had, I promise that will be the best therapy for you! Well I’m off to continue with my homework and you best know that I will be belting out my favorite Christmas songs! Enjoy the rest of your evening!


By the way… what are some of your favorite Christmas songs? What versions? I’m curious! So let me know! 🙂